Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Polish Quiet Book

I just love it when I hear from someone that has come across this blog and found it helpful.  It makes me happy when you share with me your news about finally finishing your first quiet book, or how the pages remind you of the quiet book you had when you were younger, or maybe you have a question about a particular page.

Tonight I received one of those fun emails.  From cute little "Marta" on the other side of the world in Poland.  She wrote:

"Hello ! (Me: Hello back Marta!)

I've just finished my 2nd "quiet book" and I remember that U were interesting in collecting all bookmakers ideas :)
So, that's my link, which I would like to share with others:

I believe that my "pages" will inspire others to be creative :) (Oh yes they will Marta!)

Keep worm + hugs _ m@rta

Please make sure you go and visit Marta's blog.  It's so colorful and beautiful and I'm loving the Polish sewin' style of her Quiet Books.  Here's a few of my favorites of her pages:
Aren't those awesome?  Or "niesamowite" according to google translate :)
Thank you Marta!


Julie said...

In love with her ideas.

Kit Quiton said...

This is just amazing. You have an artist in you. The designs are so lovable and calming.

Stephanie said...

Very sweet pages...

Al said...

I love the suggestions here. This is just so relaxing because I remember my mother when she was still alive. She makes things like this.

Rocky said...

I really love the art idea here!!