Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Quiet Book ideas

With Winter Solstice just taking place today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Winter Quiet Book pages that some pretty talented Quiet Book makers have made.

My first highlight is Stephanie from Imagine our life (which is such a cute, cool blog by the way!)  Look at this adorable Snowman page:
 The page in action:
I just love the intricate way she stitches and puts things together.  And her "moving" pictures are so cool don't you think?  Makes the quiet book page really come alive.

And this is a really cute little holiday house page:
The presents get snapped on, and she even rigged it up to have lights!  Stephanie, you are so creative!
Here's a link to an artic page she put together:

Isn't the penguin so cute?  And I love the white baby seal and constellations in the background sky.
PS- Stephanie has a really awesome pinterest quiet book page with some great links to ideas.

Another talented creator is Betz White.  On her blog she has some fine felt handiwork in winter themes that is not an actual quiet book page, but could be (this is all getting very, very intricate- if you are a "basic-level" quiet book creator (like me), don't worry these aren't meant to make you feel inadequate ;), they just might help get the creative juices flowing.
Take for instance, the picture below.  What about if you did a gingerbread house page and had little "candy" felt pieces that were detachable?  Or a gingerbread man that you could dress up with a scarf and hat like the one below?

Natalie Ross has a really cute "Heartfelt Christmas" counting quiet book that is filled with 12 days of Christmas:
I just love the stocking page above- each stocking is a flap and flips up to expose something in it (like a little mouse):
 Here are a couple of her other pages:
LOL a Santa Peekaboo!:
And peace on earth:
A fun idea would be to make a bell page similar to the one below, but sew real little jingle bells on it so it jingled when you turned the page (although maybe that would defeat the purpose of a "quiet" book) :)
Or what about a real simple manger scene in a winter quiet book.  Something like this one below from Wild Olive's blog:

Or you could make a little brown manger that zipped open (same sort of set up as the ark page), and inside could be felt nativity finger puppets, like these:

Another idea could be to do a "winter coat" page, and create a felt coat that spanned the page (similar to one like the ones in the picture below), 
and you could have little activities on the coat like a zipper down the middle, a button on the pocket, a snap on the other pocket, a collar that folded up and down, and even a scarf to tie around: 

This is a cute idea- you can put up stockings and tie the bows on the presents:

Or perhaps a matching game of sorts that had to do with ornaments like the ones below or making a tree page where you hang them up:


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Ángel said...

Hola!!! buscando ideas para hacer un libro a mis hijos me encontré con tu blog!!! es excelente!!!super buenas ideas!!
Yo ahora, estoy haciendo una Biblia del tipo quiet book; y me ha encantado, lleva harto trabajo!!! pero merece la pena!!.
Bueno espero que sigamos en contacto
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Woow, the book is beautiful. thank you! I am glad to have found it, for inspiration for a baby book

Greetings Klaudia (Germany)

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I LOVE these! So perfect for church.