Saturday, November 19, 2011

A "months" quiet book

I got an email from "Kendra" recently and she shared a link to a quiet book she had made that highlighted the months of the year.  Look how cute this book is:
It goes through all the months of the year with each page themed as a particular month.  See the book in its entirety here (all pictures on this post are linked from her blog).

My favorite month, is this month (November), the fuzzy turkey!:
 And my second favorite is the February Valentine's page:
And look at this pretty April Easter basket and May flowers:
Thanks for sharing Kendra!

If you have  unique quiet book idea, you'd like to share, email me (fowlerfam at gmail dot com) and I'd love to feature you here on the quietbook blog!


Rachel said...

here is another link to some of my quiet book pages that I have made so far. Feel free to share the ideas if you like!

Magda said...

That's a good idea :) Greetings

teresaS said...

I just found your blog and I'm so excited! What a great idea for quiet book ideas and sharing them! My mom made quiet books for my kids when they were small...over 30 yrs ago and now I'm making them for my grandkids and having the time of my life!
I look forward to following you!!

Kristi Wolff said...

My grandmother has made a quiet book for each one of her grandchildren (and now great grandchildren) for their second birthday. It is something that we all treasure and look forward to as our children reach that milestone. I will have to share this site with her. Thanks for the good ideas!