Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama Duck's quiet book

 I received a nice comment on this blog last month from Jaclyn who writes sweetmamaduck and she shared with me a link to her beautiful quiet book that she recently put together.  She has actually made 2 quiet books- one for her son and one for her niece (such a nice Aunt huh- you know what I mean if you've made a quiet book before- they take a lot of sweat and tears to create!).

I wanted to share with you all her cute ideas and pages. 

It's hard to choose, but I think my favorites are...
The washing machine/getting dressed pages (look at that cute clothesline and the washer window!):
The fridge with magnets:
And look how clever this is, the fridge opens up and you can fix yourself a sandwich!:
Look at how fun this part of her road/car page is complete with a carwash and gas pump:
I love this little deer/strawberry page:
I think my favorite thing about it is the cute little owl in the tree!:
And I love her cover.  What precious fabric!:

Jaclyn also has a great pinterest board that you all need to go check out where she has a great collection of cute quiet book pages found across the Internet.

Thanks Jaclyn for sharing!


Benike Boutique said...

This book is quite cute! I featured a link to this amazing blog to help others create their own book! Thank you!!

Sandy M. said...

Thank you for sharing this link. I was looking for ideas for an activity book and love these pages.

(I don't know if you are interested, but I did a post of a tactile quiet book I made that you can see here: )

abcgirl said...

in case you're still looking for new content for this blog, i'm doing a busy book sewalong on my blog. i usually post a new page about once a week. my most recent page is here:

Rae said...

I love your blog! I am so fortunate to be your newest follower. If you have time, maybe you could come check out my page :)

redhead83402 said...

I just love all of the ideas here, and wanted to thank you for this awesome collection of posts! I am also on a mission to create a cool quiet book, and found you through google. I hope all is well w/ you, I see that you are something of a "blurt Blogger" as well (ie one who blogs in ~blurts~) & hope that you have some time to add a few more posts in the nearer future! ;-D If you are interested, I will also be posting my quiet book on my blog.